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Manchester Modelling Network

Energy, sustainability and the climate

Quantum mechanical calculations are used to explore actinide and lanthanide chemistry, relevant to nuclear extraction. For more information please visit the computational and theoretical chemistry area on the Department of Chemistry site.

Molecular modelling and statistical mechanical theory is used to investigate aspects of carbon capture and storage, membrane technology, adsorption and extraction processes (such as in the nuclear industry).

More information can be found in the research themes area of the Department of Chemical Engineering website.

The modelling of fluids and solids is key to wide range of energy and environmental applications. Such research is conducted over a range of Schools, Centres and research groups, such as:

Reservoir engineering, concerned with getting the oil and gas out of the ground, is heavily dependent on modelling, in particular multi-phase flow through porous media.

The design of energy efficient and environmentally friendly processes requires modelling at the process level and sustainability analysis. Further information on process integration and sustainable industrial systems can be found on the Department of Chemical Engineering website.