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Manchester Modelling Network

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About the network

Modelling is a major activity in Manchester. At least 86 academic staff, 100 PDRAs and 220 PhD students are involved in modelling research.

There is an enormous breadth of modelling techniques and applications. Our modelling goes from quantum mechanics to rheology, from molecular simulation to the modelling of oil reservoirs, chemical plants and energy distribution systems and from the mathematics of non-linear dynamics to the modelling of oceans.

The Manchester Modelling Network exists to provide an important bridge between the disciplines, helping engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists and scientists within the University to link up to tackle grand challenges. As well as this internal role, the network aims to be outward looking, facilitating new collaborations with both industry and other academic institutions.

Our ambitions are:

  1. To provide a clear picture of modelling activity across the Faculty and to facilitate collaborative research between schools.
  2. To act as an external access point to the breadth of Manchester’s modelling activity.
  3. To organise activities and events to promote Manchester Modelling and encourage both internal and external collaboration.